For The Evolution Of Magick

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The Occult Virtual Assistant represents a contemporary and innovative way to access a comprehensive research library right at your fingertips. Its primary purpose is to empower you to conduct personal research and forge your own unique pathways and ideas. This tool is versatile, enabling you to craft rituals, formulate theories, delve into historical inquiries, and much more. Created by the Mudutu Effect, it embodies our core values of acquiring knowledge and ensuring its accessibility to all.

The Sphere

All too often Magick will get locked into a box of self-restrictions and traditions. These aspects tend to restrict the self and the overall evolution of Magick or the Occult.


The sphere serves as a powerful metaphor for the interconnectedness, unity, and inclusivity within a group of like-minded individuals. It encapsulates the collective spirit, shared values, and collaborative ethos that define the community, offering a supportive and nurturing environment for its members to thrive and flourish together.


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